New Toon: Short People + More!

2016-03-28 17:05:29 by UrbanTowel

It's been a few months since I last did a news post on here, and I hope to do them more often whenever I release new content, but sometimes so much releases at once, I kinda forget.


So here's a shameless advertisement for my new cartoon!


Do you ever think to yourself and say, "man, those short people are EVERYWHERE." Well, I never thought that, but I made a cartoon about it anyways:


I made Short People within a day by using a storyboard I created a few weeks before, because I felt like I won't be releasing anything for a little while, so here's something to remind you I'm still here!


I'll also talk about the latest cartoons I've helped out with since my last news post:


The biggest battle of the century has begun: Robot Jones vs. Flikkernicht will finally duke it out once and for all in this intense cartoon,



Joey goes on a quest to find the meaning of his life, even if it mean's he must sacrifice his body to the greater good in Joey Test



A grand arguement between Sanjay the Squirrel and Timmy the Turtle (amazing names, am I right?) happens in this heated battle of hockey in Stream of Consciousness



The collaboration that took way too long to make and made me go insane multiple times about an already forgotten Pixar character from an overrated movie is finally completed, The Disgust Collab.

I'm amazed about how much attention this got, for it being a collab about Disgust, and it also being the most viewed video on Newgrounds for February! We even recieved a few videos and parodies of this collab from other users on Newgrounds. 



Mobile is a pretty cool guy, so check out how cool he is in Happy Birthday MobileSpider.

Mobile will soon dominate the world, by stealing one corgi at a time...



Also, the New Wave group has been releasing a lot of cartoons lately! Be sure to check out the Newgrounds and YouTube playlist for New Wave, as well as the Twitter to keep up with new cartoons from us!



I believe that is it for now, but I do have 3 cartoons planned for Newgrounds soon.

One cartoon is for Pico Day! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend to in person, which really blows because I wanted to meet up with everyone, but hopefully next year I can go.

Another cartoon, which should be out in the next few weeks, is actually about an upcoming show on TV! This one is quite long, so look out for that.

The last cartoon I'm working on is actually a series I want to begin. I probably won't do more than 1 episode, but the one episode (pilot) I do want to produce, will be fairly long, between 7 to 12 minutes. At the moment I am making a series bible for it, that way I can show it around if I ever want to come back to this idea in the future and revise it. It's a really fun project so far. I'll try to post the series bible when I finish it or release the first episode. At the moment, most of the characters and scripts are in drafts and are most likely to change, so I can't show too much of it yet!


That is all for now, and I hope you enjoy Short People and the other recent New Wave cartoons! STAY SAFE.


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2016-03-28 17:07:45

Can I see your asshole?

UrbanTowel responds:

only if papa mobile is around


2016-03-29 20:34:58

requesting assholeage. show us a little assholeage please and thank you

(Updated ) UrbanTowel responds:

Let me get ready!


2016-03-30 01:46:43


UrbanTowel responds:

I agree! Even if it is blank and I don't know what you said!


2016-06-05 08:02:11

who designed the 80's ass new wave logo because that's dope af

UrbanTowel responds:

Thanks dude, that was me who designed it haha