New Cartoons, 100 Fans, and New Wave, Oh My!

2016-01-28 14:47:59 by UrbanTowel

Whoa, a lot of things have happened recently, and its quite overwhelming.



I guess I'll start off that I was a part of 5 new videos since my last update on here, so I'll quickly go over them:




Ever wanted pussy but always failed? Watch this tutortial and find out how to get some instantly.

This collab was made with me and alot of people within 24 hours for fun, so be sure you follow everyone who helped out.





Donald's back and better then ever... Maybe.




It's a party with the boys.




A Pixel Day submission I made with MobileSpider, Flikkernicht, and Conahugh, even though no pixels were involved. We got third place, which is awesome!




Going outside with your pet can always be a challenge, especially if you want it to get something. We created this as a final project for our classes. Originally, we had a grand idea planned out for it, but all of us forgot to work on the cartoon until the last day! So we all spent around 24 hours making a 2 minute cartoon. It's a bit more slower paced than some of the other videos I worked on, but I think it turned out pretty good. So be sure to follow Lajbros, Conahugh and TheJanitor9k for making this as well.




Next up is a big thank you to everyone, as I just hit 100 fans this morning!


This is unreal to me, as I always had a huge goal of getting 100 fans on Newgrounds, but I never actually thought it would actually happen.


A lot sure has changed within the last year, as I didn't get my first follower until late 2014.



Next is something I'm really excited for, and that is Pico Day!

I got the email to go one morning and I was pumped. At the moment, I would like to say I can go 100%, but it isn't confirmed. Financial issues are involved, so I have been trying to save up as much money as I can so I can go.



Something I would like to bring up is New Wave!

You probably have started noticing a New Wave logo at the end of some cartoons on Newgrounds. New Wave is a group some friends and I started back in late October. We don't have any major plans for it just yet, but stay on the look out when we do.




Here's a picture of some of the New Wave boys posing in a photoshoot. Lukas (lajbros) even put this picture in A Boy and His Dog, so keep an eye out for that.




Final thing I'll be bringing up is some hints towards new cartoons and collabs!


One collab in particular about a man and a robot which should be releasing this Friday. 

Another cartoon that I am working on should be releasing any day now, I have just been waiting for someone to finish a scene for it. It's about some good ol' hockey.

A parody I have been working on with Shulp and Alex Sarzosa should be releasing any day now as well. It's about a very special Canadian cartoon.

Final hint I'll bring up is a collab that I started back in late-September with Conahugh and Mobilespider, and It should finally be released around late-February. It is probably the biggest project I have ever been involved in, as over 30 people are working on it. I have posted a lot of hints about it on Newgrounds, so stay tuned for that.



This has gone on way longer than I expected, but hopefully you will look forward for what's to come!




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2016-01-28 18:02:42

Congrats! Im almost there!!

(Updated ) UrbanTowel responds:

You need wayyyy more fans, because your stuff is fucking hilarious.


2016-01-28 23:41:23

New wave is gay

UrbanTowel responds:

aw man!


2016-01-28 23:53:36

I'm not in that New Wave pic fuck this duuuude 0/10 New Wave is gay.

UrbanTowel responds:

I'm gonna do a full New Wave pic soon. ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)


2016-01-29 08:53:58

Oy, make it to pico day! We'll bang, ok?

(Updated ) UrbanTowel responds:

Hell yeah dude


2016-01-29 09:49:13

congrats for the 100+ fans!

you make good movies, and you are funny, so you deserve it.

also, im a voice-actor extraordinaire, and i animate sometimes.
check out my works, sir! :D

UrbanTowel responds:

Thanks man, and I'll be sure to check your stuff out.


2016-01-29 23:28:50

It will only be a matter of time before you post about 1k fans. Congratulations!

UrbanTowel responds:

That'd be awesome haha


2016-02-13 12:46:57

Congrats! I have more than 800 followers on Miiverse if you combine my account's followers. But that's Miiverse, people follow for no reason. Here,people follow for a reason.

UrbanTowel responds:

Sweet dude, thats why I like Newgrounds followers, as a lot of them follow because they enjoy watching your stuff.