NEW TOON: Cheesecake Truck!

2015-08-09 16:53:12 by UrbanTowel

Hey everybody, I made a new cartoon called Cheesecake Truck!


What will happen to this blue man? Will he become the cheesecake overlord, or will he die from a cheesecake overdose? 


The song is by the fabulous King Missile, so be sure to check them out!


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2015-08-13 23:52:23

That was pretty good! I used to work at a kid's party place, where they always ordered and served Carvel ice cream cakes (not one cookie puss in the bunch) Anyway, sometimes the leftover cake didn't go home with birthday boy/girl, so I took them home and et em. Then I brought some to my folks, my cousins (they used to let me use their cable internet). But after a few months of this, I couldn't stand them anymore. You could taste all the shortcuts, the sea weed emulsifier, the cut rate, low percentage milk fat. Sigh.